NDT Schedule

Thursday – April 2

9:00am-11:00am      Registration – Coralville Marriott, Oakdale 4

11:00am-1:00pm      Board of Trustees Meeting – Coralville Marriott, Kirkwood

2:30pm-6:30pm       NDT Committee Meeting – Coralville Marriott, Oakdale 3

3:00pm-6:00pm       Late Registration –Coralville Marriott, Oakdale 4

7:30pm                          Dessert Reception

Friday – April 3

On Friday, the “Big Room” is the Marriot Exhibit Hall -first floor, past all of the ballrooms. Breakfast lunch, and an afternoon snack/coffee break will be served in the exhibit hall.

7:00am                       Breakfast buffet

8:00am                       Announcement of Round I

11:15am                     Lunch buffet

12:15pm                     Announcement of Round II

4:30pm                       Snack/Coffee Break

4:45pm                       Announcement of Round III

Saturday- April 4

On Saturday, the “Big Room” is the main ballroom, located on the 1st floor of the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU). Debates will take place in the IMU and the EPB building. Parking is located next to the EPB building.

7:00am                       Breakfast buffet (food is located just outside the big room)

8:00am                       Announcement of Round IV

11:15am                     Lunch

12:30pm                     Announcement of Round V

5:00pm                       Announcement of Round VI

Sunday – April 5

6:30am                       Open Sunday Service – IMU

7:00am                       Breakfast buffet

8:00am                       Announcement of Round VII

11:15am                        Lunch

12:30pm                     Announcement of Round VIII

4:45pm                       Announcement of first elimination round

9:00pm                       Awards banquet

Monday – April 6

7:00am                       Drawing of Octofinal judges

7:30am                       Announcement of Octofinals

8:00am                       Octofinal round begins