2017 NDT – University of Kansas, Edwards Campus

General Information

  1. If you need to contact the Conduct Committee – please feel free to email the committee at this address: ndtconduct@googlegroups.com. The following phone number can also be used to call or text the committee at: 816-272-4635
  2. Benton Bajorek will serve as the Accommodation Coordinator for the tournament. Please communicate any needs, questions or concerns you have to Benton bentonbajorek@gmail.com and copy Scott Harris sharris@ku.edu.
  3. Announcements will be streamed in Best 120 and in the Hawks Nest.
  4. Quiet Rooms: Regnier 363
  5. Gender Neutral Bathrooms. Second Floor of BEST and 2nd Floor of Regents

Tournament Pairings & Updates

NDT 2017 box.com

Forms for Participants

Please fill out the following forms:

  1. Debater Recognition Survey (Fill out one time for each team entered)

NDT Information Packet 2017

NDT Information Packet 2017

Scouting Information

Following Scouting information at ndtscout.com

2017 NDT scouting Announcements

2017 Pre-Tournament Awards 

Zeigelmueller Award: Mike Hester

Keele Award: Michael Davis

5th Place First Round at Large Team: California, Berkeley WG

4th Place First Round at Large Team: Wake Forest AS

3th Place First Round at Large Team: California, Berkeley MS

2nd Place First Round at Large Team: Georgetown KL

Copeland Award Winners (1st Place First Round at Large Team): Harvard MS

Unger Award to recognize the coach of the Copeland winners: Dallas Perkins & Sherry Hall