The National Debate Tournament is a unit of the American Forensic Association that hosts an annual college debate championship tournament.


Adrienne Brovero, NDT Committee Chair; Recipient of Melissa Maxcy Wade Award honoring Debate as a Public Good and Lucy M. Keele Award for service. 

Shanara Reid-Brinkley, Co-Director of CSUF Forensics and College of Communications professor. From the first generation of Black debaters to begin integrating majority white debate circuits.

Sherry Hall, A lifelong debate coach, serving as a permanent member of the Harvard Debate Council at Harvard University since 1987.

Shannon Richey, currently the VP, General Manager of Detroit Operations for BioIVT. Ms. Richey was a college debater at Wayne State University.

David Hung, co-founder and CEO of Fyt. He attended Dartmouth College where he was an NDT Quarterfinalist and three-time First Round At-Large Bid.

Kathleen Rock, member of the Navy Debate teams since her freshman year. She has qualified to the NDT twice, co-authored two topic papers, and will be the captain of her team this upcoming year.

Karla Leeper, NDT Chair of Board of Trustees, Executive Vice President for Operations at Augusta University.

Tim Sanders, New York Times bestselling author, public speaker, and former Yahoo! Executive.

Sarah Parlow LeFevre, NDT Tournament Director; Professor of the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion and the Director of Debate at Idaho State University since 2001.

Joshua C. Zive has provided commentary on matters involving legislation, political law, and international trade to a wide variety of media outlets.

Josh H. Rains, IV; Partner with the Atlanta law firm Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore LLP. He was president of the Barkley Forum, Emory’s debate team.

Committee Members

District 1 – Joel Lemuel, California State University-Northridge

District 2 – Glen Frappier, Gonzaga University

District 3 – Matt Vega, University of Missouri-Kansas City

District 4 – David Cram Helwich, University of Minnesota

District 5 – Will Repko, Michigan State University

District 6 – Ryan Galloway – Samford University

District 7 – Adrienne Brovero – University of Mary Washington

District 8 – John Turner, Dartmouth College

AFA East – John Katsulas, Boston College

AFA Central – Eric Morris, Missouri State University

AFA South – Brendon Bankey, University of Texas

AFA West – Adam Symonds, Arizona State University

Governing NDT Charter

Current Member Schools

American Forensics Association