Annual Dues

Step 1: Make An Account

Click “Members” above or use this link to create an account for your school. Hold on to your username and password as you will use that to pay your tournament fees and future annual dues.

Step 2: Login

Login to your account using the same username and password you set above.

Step 3: Visit Dashboard

You should be redirected to your Dashboard after you login. If not, click “Members” above and it will take you to the dashboard. From there, click the “Pay Annual Dues” Page.

Step 4: Choose Options + View Invoice/Receipt

The dues amount will be auto-selected by date and you will have the option to pay for multiple years at once.

Once you click submit, the entry appears on the table to your right. You will be able to download an invoice from this table or view the receipt for your payment if you pay immediately by credit card.

Step 5: Pay Later

If you mail a check, you will have to wait for it to be entered, before being able to download the receipt.

If you wish to make a payment by credit after clicking “Pay Later,” simply click “Pay” next to the application and switch to “Pay Now” to fill out your credit card information.