Committee Standing Rules

Meetings. In addition to Article IV, Section C.5. of the Charter, the following govern meeting arrangements:

A. The National Committee shall have a minimum of three meetings each academic year.

II. Officers and Duties.

A. Tournament Director. In addition to the Charter duties of Article IV, Section B.3.c.:

1. The Director shall mail to Directors of Debate at all member institutions information relating to:

a. a roster of membership in the National Committee;

b. the site (if known) and the dates of the National Committee meetings;

c. the site (if known) and dates of the National Tournament;

d. report on any changes in the NDT.

2. The Director shall have responsibility for the preparation and mailing of the National Tournament booklet.

B. Tournament Host. In addition to the Charter duties in Article IV, Section B.3.b.:

1. the Host must agree to, and provide documentation of, compliance with the “Hosting Obligations” to the Committee and Board.

III. Standing Subcommittees. Membership on Standing Subcommittees is not limited to members of the National Committee.

A. Appeals. Five members responsible for duties specified in Section IV below and Standing Rule for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament VIII. Membership on this subcommittee requires attendance at the National Tournament through the final round. In the case in which members cannot comply with this provision, and in the case of conflicts under Standing Rule for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament VIII.B.3.a.(7)., the Chair of the National Committee may appoint temporary replacements. In the extreme case in which the Chair cannot function, the Director may appoint temporary replacements.

B. Tournament Procedures Advisory Subcommittee. Three members who will be consulted by the Director if he or she believes that his or her actions will depart from the normal operating procedures of the National Tournament.

C. Bid Allocation. Three members responsible for collecting the information and determining allocation of bids among districts according to the formula contained in the Standing Rules for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament.

D. Judging Philosophy. Three members responsible for the judging philosophy booklet, including drafting of guidelines (Standing Rule for the Operation of the National Debate Tournament III.F.), collecting of submitted philosophies, editing, publishing, and merchandising of the booklet. Prices for extra copies and other arrangements must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

IV. Rules of Procedure.

A. Procedure for Review of District Actions: The following govern investigations and adjudication under Article III, Section E.2. of the Charter.

1. When potential violations in district policies and procedures come to the attention of the National Committee Chair, he/she shall forward the matter to the Subcommittee on Appeals (the Chair or National Committee Representative of the District in question may not serve on this matter) which shall be charged with investigating and reporting back to the National Committee.

2. After completion of the investigation, the Chair of the Subcommittee shall forward his/her report, including a definition of changes necessary to achieve compliance, to the District Committee which may then alter the policies and procedures before the next meeting of the National Committee.

3. The Subcommittee shall report back to the National Committee at its next meeting. The report shall include results of its investigation and a proposal for all changes necessary to bring the policies and procedures into compliance. The Chair or National Committee Representative shall then report on any District action in response to the report.

4. The Committee shall vote by secret ballot on the proposals. A two-thirds vote is required to alter the district policies and procedures. An affirmative vote should be cast on the basis of non-compliance and not simply on the merits of the policy or procedure.

5. Actions thus taken by the National Committee shall be subject to change by the district committee so long as the changes do not once again place the district in non-compliance.

6. Such actions will become effective in compliance with Article III, Section C.2.b. of the Charter.

B. Procedures for Subscriber Appeals to National Committee: The following governs appeal under Article II, Section B.4. of the Charter.

1. In cases of appeal under Article II, Section B.4.a., the subscriber shall present its appeal to the Chair of the National Committee in writing with any pertinent documentation of charges of violation. The Chair shall proceed with the process defined in National Committee Standing Rule IV.A., forwarding the letter and documentation to the Subcommittee Chair. The Subcommittee investigations shall include an interview with the appellant.

2. In cases of appeal under Article II, Section B.4.b. of the Charter:

a. The appellant(s) shall prepare in writing their proposals for alterations in district boundaries and justification for the alterations. These justifications shall relate to the purposes outlined in Article I, Section B; Article II, Section B; and Article III, Section A of the Charter.

b. These shall be presented to the National Committee and a representative of the appellant(s) shall have the opportunity to address the Committee and respond to the questions. The Chair shall then refer the matter to all affected districts.

c. The committees in the affected districts will then at their next meeting discuss and make an advisory recommendation to the National Committee. After all districts have had a chance to consider the change, the district chairs shall report back to the Chair of the National Committee of their readiness to report.

d. At the next meeting of the National Committee the District Committee Chairs or National Representatives shall report on the districts’ deliberations and recommendations. The representation of the appellant(s) will again have the opportunity to address the Committee and answer questions in response to the district positions.

e. A simple majority of the National Committee present and voting shall approve the change.

V. Amendment. These procedures may be altered by majority vote of Committee members present and voting at any official meeting of the National Committee.

Revision History:

Revised by action of the National Debate Tournament Committee, November 19, 1997, Chicago, Illinois. Revisions incorporated by Arnie Madsen.