Distinguished Alumni Award


About Laurence Tribe: Laurence Tribe was a member of the Harvard team that won the National Debate Tournament in 1961 and coached the team which won the 1969 National Debate Tournament. Professor Tribe is someone who embodies the values and principles of the debate community. He has demonstrated extraordinary service to the field of law, society, and humanity. Professor Laurence Tribe is currently the Carl M. Loeb Professor at the Harvard Law School. During his legal career he had argued more than thirty-five cases before the United States Supreme Court. Professor Tribe is the author of the widely cited scholarly text, American Constitutional Law, and a leader in that field of study.

About the Tribe Award: The Laurence H. Tribe Distinguished Alumni Award will recognize a National Debate Tournament Alumnus who has used their debate training to make significant contributions to their profession, to society or to humanity.

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2019 – Laurence Tribe, University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and former Carl M. Loeb Professor of Law
2020 – Ouita Michel, award winning chef and restauranteur
2021 – Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
2022 – David Sutherland, former CFO of Morgan Stanley (Asia) and Chair of International Care Ministries
2023 – John D. Graham, Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science at Indiana University Bloomington
2024 – John Patrick Dolan, Dean and Founder of the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, President and CEO of LawTalk MCLE, Inc